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Our way of advancing the European circular bioeconomy is by funding excellent projects. Discover how to apply for CBE JU funding under Horizon Europe.

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CBE JU launches annual calls for project proposals under Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. Our open innovation approach welcomes all actors - from farmers to research centres and universities, from small businesses to large industries - to develop a competitive bioeconomy in Europe.


The networking platform is where you identify the partners of your potential project proposal. We organise it around the call for proposals to help you build your network of people interested in the same topics.

Facts and figures

CBE JU is building on the success of its predecessor, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). Since 2014, this partnership between the European Union and BIC has supported the European bio-based industries. Each euro of public money generated €3.23 of private investment.

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beneficiaries from 43 countries

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of beneficiaries are small businesses

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CBE JU is funding first-of-their-kind biorefineries and demonstration plants to help expand the European circular bio-based economy.

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Here's some news

  • flagship biorefinery

    New CBE JU-funded industrial biorefinery opens in Estonia

    The inauguration of the CBE JU-funded SWEETWOODS biorefinery in Imavere, Estonia, marks a significant stride in Europe’s journey towards sustainable innovation. By turning hardwood waste into high-value bio-based chemicals and materials, this new industrial facility stands as a symbol of the European Green Deal in action: public-private collaboration boosting European competitiveness via sustainable industrial development.

  • Council of the EU Competitiveness

    EU Member States call for a boost to European green industries

    In the 24 May meeting, EU ministers responsible for internal market and industry called for a set of measures in support of competitive industries to drive innovation and economic growth in Europe. Advancing the bio-based economy, creating favourable conditions for the uptake of sustainable and circular products, strengthening public-private collaborations based on the success of joint undertakings and other partnerships, boosting the investments in key strategic sectors, as well as maintaining coherent and accessible regulatory framework were among key conclusions of the meeting.

  • Call 2023

    31 new projects to receive €215 million in CBE JU funding

    The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has selected 31 innovative projects to receive nearly €215.5 million in funding. These projects aim to advance competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe and develop sustainable products and solutions. The funding will support groundbreaking production facilities, demonstration-scale systems, and research initiatives. Additionally, four flagship projects will establish biorefineries for high-value products, contributing to Europe’s bio-based economy

  • CBE JU governance

    The CBE JU to establish a deployment group on primary producers

    Join the bio-based revolution: CBE JU will soon launch a new deployment group on primary producers. Explore how farmers, foresters, algae cultivators and other primary producers can thrive as part of circular bio-based value chains. Learn about the group's objectives, composition, and upcoming projects. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved and make a sustainable impact. #BioBased #CircularEconomy

  • Call for proposals Call 2024

    €213 million available for advancing Europe’s circular bio-based economy

    The CBE JU’s 2024 call for proposals announces €213 million in funding to advance Europe’s circular bio-based economy, targeting innovation, market deployment, and environmental performance. Stakeholders are invited to apply by 18 September 2024, contributing to 18 topics. This initiative emphasises circularity, sustainability, and bioeconomy, aiming to scale up technologies and boost regional investment and job creation.