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Administration and Finance Unit


The administration and finance unit provides the tools that CBE JU needs to pursue its overall mission. With a service-minded approach, it ensures the effective and efficient use of all available resources across all CBE JU activities.

In particular, the administration and finance unit:

  • safeguards CBE JU’s financial interests by coordinating the preparation of operational and operating budgets;
  • ensures that CBU JU’s financial operations are carried out in compliance with procedures, legality and regularity requirements, following sound financial management principles, and recorded in accordance with the accounting rules and standards;
  • ensures legal soundness of CBE JU’s operations;
  • carries out the risk assessment, ensures the effectiveness of internal controls and follows up audits;
  • ensures timely recruitment, adequate allocation of human resources and a high-quality working environment;
  • provides statutory and administrative assistance, career guidance, training and promotes equal opportunities for all CBE JU staff;
  • guarantees secure, efficient and high-quality IT services and infrastructure contributing to a productive and efficient working environment for CBE JU staff and external stakeholders.

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore - Acting Executive Director and Head of the Administration and Finance Unit

Nicoló has been working in European affairs for more than 20 years, with a focus on research and innovation policy, programme implementation and support to enterprises. Before joining BBI JU (now CBE JU) as Head of the Administration and Finance Unit in 2016, he worked for the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency where he was responsible of financial and legal support in the implementation of European research projects. Nicoló also worked for an Italian business association dealing with industrial policy and stakeholder management at EU level. He holds a degree in economics and international trade.

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