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Our way of advancing the European circular bioeconomy is by funding excellent projects. Discover how to apply for CBE JU funding under Horizon Europe.

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CBE JU launches annual calls for project proposals under Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. Our open innovation approach welcomes all actors - from farmers to research centres and universities, from small businesses to large industries - to develop a competitive bioeconomy in Europe.


The networking platform is where you identify the partners of your potential project proposal. We organise it around the call for proposals to help you build your network of people interested in the same topics.

Facts and figures

CBE JU is building on the success of its predecessor, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). Since 2014, this €3.7 billion partnership between the European Union and BIC has supported the European bio-based industries. Each euro of public money generated €2.8 of private investment.

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beneficiaries from 39 countries

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of beneficiaries are small businesses

Here's some news

  • EU Green Deal Competitiveness

    Achieving sustainable competitiveness: CBE JU's main contribution to the EU Green Deal

    In yesterday’s State of the Union address, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen highlighted competitiveness, industrial modernisation, and nature preservation, among other European Commission achievements over the past year. CBE JU has contributed to these accomplishments by stimulating Europe’s industrial leadership, boosting innovative technological development and decarbonising the economy, among others. Today, CBE JU published a new set of infographics showing the joint undertaking’s support for the circular bio-based economy in each European country.

  • Call 2023-2 Call for proposals

    CBE JU invites project proposals to improve skills in sustainable construction

    CBE JU published a €1 million call for project proposals to prepare the establishment of a training network for the re-skilling and upskilling of workers in the construction sector. The network will contribute to the New European Bauhaus initiative and will be part of its Academy, which aims to promote bio-based solutions and improved circularity in construction. The call is open to proposals of coordination and support actions until 4 October 2023 at 17:00 CET.

  • CBE JU EU Green Deal

    CBE JU: enabling the European Green Deal

    CBE JU is playing a key role in driving the European Green Deal and related EU policies, concludes the partnership’s 2022 activity report. Through its support for an innovative and diverse European bio-based sector, CBE JU is helping to revitalise rural economies and contributing to the EU's sustainability goals.