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CBE JU Call 2022 projects

Innovation actions – flagship (IA-flagship)

SUSTAINEXT is turning an existing production plant into a circular biorefinery that will produce healthy plant-based extracts and ingredients from locally sourced crops and agricultural side streams. This will have a definite impact in Extremadura, contributing to positioning the region at the forefront of the European Green Deal and generating value and new jobs.

SYLPLANT is a collaborative project of 17 partners led by Arbiom, which aims to introduce Arbiom’s sustainable and highly nutritional ingredients into feed and food markets. The project gathers representatives from the entire food and feed value chain – from feedstock manufacturers to retailers – and will lead to the construction and commissioning of Arbiom’s first plant in France.

Innovation actions (IA)

BRILIAN formulates and tests cooperative business models in rural areas, leading to the creation of new supply chains and value-added bioproducts.

COUNTLESS creates bio-based aromatic chemicals for use in a range of sectors from lignin – a sustainable, abundant and underused natural resource. 

ELLIPSE keeps waste from slaughterhouses and the paper industry out of landfill by using it to make agricultural and packaging products. 

HICCUPS captures CO2 emissions from wastewater treatment plants and turns them into high-performance bio-based plastics for packaging. 

LUCRA will use abundant and underutilised organic municipal solid waste and wood waste to produce bio-succinic acid – a platform chemical that is in great demand in industry.

MixMatters will set up and demonstrate a system for the separation and treatment of mixed agri-food biowaste and its transformation into value-added bio-based products.

ROBOCOOP-EU taps into agricultural waste streams to develop circular and cooperative regional business models. This will offer new commercial opportunities in rural areas, leading to job creation and a more diverse bio-based product portfolio. 

SynoProtein is developing a sustainable process to convert residue from sawmills into single-cell proteins for fish feed and to produce biochar for animal feed, while capturing CO2.

Research and innovation actions (RIA)

Bio-LUSH extracts high-quality fibres from underexploited European plant resources and converts them into functional materials for use in sustainable products.

BIORING develops high-performance, bio-based polyurethane coatings for the automotive and construction sectors and exploring their application in other fields.

CUBIC develops circular bio-based materials for intermediate products that can be combined to make complex end-products for a wide range of sectors.

FIBSUN cultivates biomass on abandoned land to revitalise the soil and produce bio-based fibres for the construction, automotive and textile sectors. 

FURIOUS develops biopolymers to replace traditional plastics in products used for demanding applications in biomedical and electronic packaging, the automotive sector and underwater environments.

InnoProtein taps into unexploited sources of sustainable protein to help Europe move towards protein self-sufficiency.

PROMISEANG develops novel proteins from underexploited marine sources and uses them to create nutritious, healthy and sustainable food, feed and non-food products.

REDYSIGN develops efficient, innovative technologies to produce fully bio-based and smart fresh meat packaging that is recyclable at conventional paper recycling mills.

SuperBark is formulating safe and sustainable bark-based adhesives and coatings for wood products and paper packaging.  

THERMOFIRE is developing bio-based, flame-retardant composite materials for the automotive, aerospace and textile sectors. The materials are lighter and less expensive than their fossil-based counterparts, while maintaining the performance levels required in demanding conditions.

Coordination and support actions (CSA)

BioRadar develops frameworks and digital monitoring tools to gauge the environmental and social impact and promote the circularity and sustainability of industrial bio-based systems.