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CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023 visual

CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023

The first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum will take place on 6-7 December 2023 in The Egg venue.


What next for the European bio-based sector?’ will be the main theme of the first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum to take place in-person on 6-7 December 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Book your agenda to be part of the conversation among 600 stakeholders of the circular bio-based sector. Registration for the event will open on 4 October.

Forum themes

The forum will focus on three questions that are crucial for the successful development of circular bio-based sector across Europe:

  • How to stimulate demand for circular bio-based solutions?

How can we boost investments in the bio-based sector? What do consumers and industries need to take up bio-based products and solutions? Which successful models could be transferred from other sectors?

  • How to facilitate access to finance to scale up circular bio-based production in Europe?

What can we learn from successful financial engineering examples? Can success stories from other continents be implemented in Europe? What financing models could foster the replication of industrial plants in EU?

  • What R&I do we need to keep the European leadership in bio-based sector in the medium-long term?

As a major contributor to the European Green Deal objectives, what R&I does the bio-based sector need to thrive? What are the sector’s R&I priorities for the next 30 years? Which emerging technologies does the sector need to remain competitive on the global market?

Successful examples and lessons learnt will underpin the discussion.


In-depth discussion topics

In addition to the forum themes, CBE JU is proposing to forum participants a set of topics for focused in-depth discussions:

  • Developing skills for the bio-based sector: defining future skills and identifying existing gaps
  • Promoting young researchers in the bio-based sector: hearing from young talents about the support they need to contribute to the development of circular bio-based industries across Europe


A wealth of activities

Event participants will have the occasion to engage in the discussion via a set of event sessions, targeted workshops, and ample networking opportunities.

An exhibition featuring the highly innovative bio-based solutions developed by CBE JU-funded projects will take place throughout the event.

Several meeting rooms will be provided to participants for smaller discussion groups.

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