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The CBE JU to establish a deployment group on primary producers

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The deployment group will explore the opportunities and address the challenges of the primary producers, such as farmers, algae cultivators and foresters, to join the innovative circular value chains of the bio-based sector. A concept note sets the scope, objectives, composition, and tasks of the deployment group, while the CBE JU 2024 call invites project proposals to support the deployment group’s work.  

Role of primary producers in the bio-based sector

Europe’s primary producers – people working in the agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and forestry – have a key role in the deployment of circular bio-based innovations. Most often they are biomass suppliers, but they can also be producers and end-users of bio-based solutions with strong influence on the sustainability of the circular bio-based sector.  Full involvement of primary producers in the bio-based value chains is therefore key for the success of the circular bio-based economy in Europe.  

Objectives of the deployment group

Deployment groups are new advisory bodies whose role is to advise the CBE JU Governing Board on issues critical to market uptake of bio-based innovation and to promote deployment of sustainable bio-based solutions.  

The CBE JU deployment group on primary producers will focus on facilitating the participation of this important sector in new and innovative bio-based value chains. The group will also analyse the sector’s challenges and opportunities and propose solutions within the scope of CBE JU’s work. In particular, the deployment group will pursue these two objectives:

Enhance the role and support an effective engagement of primary producers along the circular bio-based systems and value chains;

Ensure that primary sectors benefit from the economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by circular and bio-based innovations and solutions (supported by long-term sustainable and feasible business models).

The deployment group will include members of organisations representing the primary producers, and their selection, as well as timeline for establishment will be further detailed in a CBE JU Governing Board’s decision.  

Concept note on the deployment group

A concept note details the scope, objectives, composition, and tasks of this new deployment group, as well as the main opportunities and challenges hindering their full involvement in the bio-based value chains identified so far.

The participatory workshop 'Engaging with primary producers in bio-based value chains: setting the scene for the CBE JU deployment group on primary producers’ of 28 February 2024 welcomed nearly 40 CBE JU stakeholders for a consultation on the proposed objectives, activities and future membership of the deployment group. The workshop’s report highlights important aspects for the establishment of the deployment group.

A coordination and support action to support the group

The CBE JU 2024 call for project proposals includes a coordination and support action topic f to support the deployment group’s work in successfully meeting its objectives. The ‘HORIZON-JU-CBE-2024-CSA-03 - Supporting the CBE JU Deployment Group on Primary Producers’ topic is open for submissions until 18 September 2024 at 17:00 CET.