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Programme Unit


The programme unit is responsible for implementing the CBE JU programme by organising the calls for proposals and managing the selected projects. By doing that, it supports research, demonstration, and deployment activities in the European bioeconomy sector.

The programme unit is in charge of:

  • coordinating the CBE JU annual work programme,
  • contributing to SRIA preparation and review,
  • managing calls and evaluating the received proposals,
  • preparing grant agreements,
  • managing projects,
  • overall programme monitoring and reporting,
  • secretariat of the CBE JU advisory bodies,
  • horizontal activities, including studies and synergies with other initiatives.

Virginia Puzzolo - Head of Programme Unit

Virginia holds a doctoral degree in plant ecology and biology. For the last 20 years, she has been developing and implementing EU research and innovation policies in several EU institutions. Virginia’s previous professional experience includes the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency, the Enterprise Directorate-General of the European Commission, the EU’s Joint Research Centre, and the Italian Research Forest Management Institute.

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