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2024 CBE JU funding priorities announced

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CBE JU has published its Annual Work Programme for 2024, including information about the next call for project proposals. €213 million will be dedicated to advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe across 18 topics.

€213 million for the circular bioeconomy

In 2024, CBE JU will open a call covering 18 topics for submission of project proposals, with a total indicative budget of €213 million:

Innovation actions – flagship (IA-flagship)

  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable oil crops - €20 million
  • Bio-based dedicated platform chemicals via cost-effective, sustainable and resource-efficient conversion of biomass - €20 million
  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable natural fibre feedstock - €20 million


Innovation actions (IA)

  • Bio-based materials and products for biodegradable in soil applications - €15 million
  • Sustainable microalgae as feedstock for innovative, added-value applications - €15 million
  • Enlarging the portfolio of commercially produced “Safe and Sustainable by design” (SSbD) solvents - €15 million
  • Circular and SSbD bio-based construction & building materials with functional properties - €15 million
  • Selective and sustainable (co)-production of lignin-derived aromatics - €15 million
  • Innovative bio-based adhesives and binders for circular products meeting market requirements - €15 million
  • Innovative conversion of biogenic gaseous carbon into bio-based chemicals, ingredients, materials - €15 million


Research and innovation actions (RIA)

  • Valorisation of polluted/contaminated wood from industrial and post-consumer waste streams - €7 million
  • Biotech routes to obtain bio-based chemicals/materials replacing animal-derived ones - €7 million
  • Sustainable, bio-based alternatives for crop protection - €10 million
  • SSbD bio-based coating materials for applications under demanding and/or extreme conditions - €7 million
  • Innovative bio-based food/feed ingredients - €7 million


Coordination and support actions (CSA)

  • New forms of cooperation in agriculture and the forest-based sector - €4 million
  • Mobilise inclusive participation in bio-based systems and supporting the CBE JU widening strategy and its action plan - €3 million
  • Supporting the CBE JU Deployment Group on Primary Producers - €3 million


Check the Annual Work Programme 2024 for the complete topic text, conditions and requirements.

In 2024, CBE JU will continue to support the scaling up of technologies leading to industrial deployment, thus boosting investment and job creation, in line with the partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2030. We will involve a wider range of stakeholders, including the primary sector, regional authorities, and investors, to support the deployment of bio-based solutions.

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore, CBE JU acting Executive Director

Save the date! 

The CBE JU Info Day 2024 is planned for 23 April 2024 in person in Brussels, with ample face-to-face networking opportunities. The sessions will also be streamed online.

The call for proposals will open on 24 April 2024, and the call deadline is planned for 18 September 2024. 

The CBE JU budget for calls comes from Horizon Europe, the EU’s research and innovation funding programme. Each euro of public funding will be complemented by private investments. The topics for submission will be published on the EU’s Funding & tender opportunities portal.


A work programme to address strategic priorities

The Annual Work Programme 2024 is based on the strategic priorities from the CBE JU’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This guiding document was developed jointly by both founding partners of CBE JU, the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium, with the support of the Programme Office, and adopted by the CBE JU Governing Board. The annual programme also results from the collaboration between the founding partners, CBE JU advisory bodies and the CBE JU team.